25 Brilliant Ideas For Your Dissertation On Football

Football is the most watched sport around the world and throws up many talking points on a weekly basis. Therefore, it can be an excellent topic to write about for a dissertation, particularly if your dissertation needs to be written for a subject related to sports. However, you may also wish to consider writing a dissertation about football when studying economics or a wide range of other subjects, seeing as you can look at the financial aspect of the game, and a range of other off-field matters.

To give you some ideas what to write about, there are 25 ideas listed below.

  1. An analysis of the increase in play wages the past decade
  2. What impact have television rights had on individual leagues around the world?
  3. Can money buy success?
  4. How have training techniques developed over the past two decades?
  5. Compare and contrast football players now and from 50 years ago
  6. To what extent has taking off in the United States?
  7. Analyze the commercial sponsorship deals associated football’s biggest stars and how this influences transfer fees and play wages
  8. What are the health and safety implications of heading a football repeatedly throughout a career?
  9. Are goalkeepers and underrated part of a football team?
  10. To what extent are the allegations of corruption directed at FIFA true?
  11. To what extent do football crowds influence the referee?
  12. Analyze the globalization of football over the past two decades?
  13. Analyze the transfer fees paid by the English and Spanish leagues over the past decade
  14. To what extent does football bring communities together, and should more be done by government bodies to make the sport more inclusive in the local area?
  15. Do governments do enough to ensure that football receives adequate funding at grassroots level?
  16. Should the weakest international teams compete in their own many group or groups when it comes to qualify in for major tournaments, before they enter the main qualification stages?
  17. An analysis of sponsorship deals in coordination with the World Cup
  18. An analysis of the MLS and its growth over the past two decades
  19. Compare and contrast the growth of football leagues in China and India with that of the MLS in recent years
  20. An analysis of the correlation between transfer fees paid by clubs and the success those clubs have
  21. An analysis of the correlation between wage bills and league position for football clubs in the Premier League
  22. An analysis of transfer records over the past century in comparison with the average wage at that time
  23. Outline and discuss the use of technology in football, and how it can be used to minimize the mistakes made by referees
  24. An analysis of the allowance of injury time in football games and whether or not bigger games or home teams gain an advantage from the referee
  25. An analysis of the age the oldest retire over the past half a century
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