A Complete Tutorial On How To Compose An Architecture PhD Dissertation Proposal

Architecture is fascinating and many students wish to work in this career. However, this does not make it any easier. You have to be talented and to work for years in order to be able to build something out of the ordinary. Your PhD dissertation is the last step of your education, so every element needs to be perfect. Before you can start working on the main project, you must convince your teachers to accept your proposal and this is how to do it:

  • Think outside the box. Most of the students will choose the same old topics, and your professors know this very well. They want you to try something new, to prove that all those years of study were worth it. Go on the internet and find yourself a really good subject, something controversial that needs to be discussed not only admired.
  • Establish your goal. Your dissertation needs to have a very good purpose if you want it to be accepted. It’s not enough that a certain building is interesting; you can talk about how your project will change the way people think about it. Again, the same thing applies: you have to be original. There’s no right and wrong in this, but you have to give everything you’ve got.
  • Bring some interesting facts. A building might look beautiful, but this does not mean that it is special in any way. You have to search behind the surface to understand what this piece of architecture meant for people before you. There are simple homes that sheltered people during wars and revolutions, and monuments that were built after big battles. This kind of facts you need to introduce in your composition if you want them to approve your proposal.
  • Show them some images. You know that an image can replace 1000 words, so use this in your advantage. Sometimes it’s not enough to describe a building, but you also have to show it to them so they can understand why you want to make this project. Even more, if the building is old and it needs some changes in the structure you can extend your project and try to get some funds. If you can convince people that this building is worth the effort, they will be happy to support you and bring it to its previous glory.
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