Quick And Simple Ways To Find A Good Dissertation Summary Example

During the time that you are writing a dissertation, it becomes necessary to write a summary. This is also known as the abstract, and is always placed at the very beginning of your work. The summary should be a concise paragraph that tells about your research, and gives people a reason to continue reading your thesis. Hooking the reader will not only intrigue the professors that are marking you, but will hold the attention of anybody who reads your published work after you graduate. If you avoid over-wording or using flowery language, you can write your abstract with confidence and straightforward evidence that states your main topic and the results you’ve found during the time that you were researching.

Methods for dissertation summaries and conclusions

Here are a few ways you can ace your abstract and make it compelling:

  1. Restate the thesis statement. Your statement should boil down your ideas into one sentence, and that is very useful. You can reword it to cap the research presented in the main body of your work, assuming the reader is familiar with basic terms from your field of study.
  2. Next in your summary, you should talk about the methodologies and sources you have found to back up your conclusions. Avoid any jargon here, and only cite the most influential sources. Don’t quote them, but instead describe them.
  3. Be succinct: you should stick to a summary between 100 and 300 words. As long as it covers the most important aspects of your work and what sets it apart from other writing in your field. You can even take some of the parts of your conclusion to include here.

After you have done this part of the thesis, you will be able to focus on the rest of your work. Each part is important for its own function, and needs your attention. With this kind of long form writing project, you will already be investing a lot of time, and need a simple solution for your abstract. While this small part of your writing it’s important, it should not take too much of your time. Even sit down for five minutes and start going through the above steps. Once you get started, your momentum will keep you going, and you will be able to write the other parts of your work easily after that.

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