Coming Up With Great Dissertation Topic Ideas About Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

Any dissertation concerning the problem of death penalty admission as a punishment for capital crimes would inevitably involve arguments for and against. This issue provokes too many controversial opinions that consider this problem from various points of view – moral, religious, legal, economic, and even political.

Death Penalty as an Issue for Discussion in Various Disciplines

A dissertation on death penalty can be suggested to students in various fields of science: jurisdiction, psychology, sociology, philosophy, economics, and psychiatry. Thus, arguments about the right of society to deprive a criminal from life are linked to religious and moral values. Psychologists can consider various motifs that cause people to commit capital crimes as well as give their recommendations as to possible ways of preventing some of them. Sociologists or lawyers can compare the rate and dynamics of capital crimes in countries where death penalty is prohibited and in countries where it's allowed.

Proceeding from all this, you can consider the following topic ideas for your paper:

  1. Death penalty as a reliable deterrent factor from capital crimes.
  2. By consenting to death penalty, the society can profit economically.
  3. Comparison of public opinion as to death penalty in the USA and Europe.
  4. How do different religions consider capital punishment?
  5. Can public`s relation to death penalty be correlated to the level of democracy in a country?
  6. The evaluation of risks of committing a juridical mistake when sentencing to death punishment.
  7. Will global moratorium on capital punishment ever be achieved?
  8. Should criminals with mental disorders be punished or cured?
  9. Should everybody's life be considered sacred?
  10. Dynamics of violent crime rates in two states of the USA with and without death penalty in their legislation.
  11. From the Bible to the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights: changes in people's opinion in regard to capital punishment.
  12. Should the Declaration of Human Rights be revised with the outburst of terrorism?

Requirements to the Dissertation on Capital Punishment

Nowadays, the number of people in Christian countries who support this kind of punishment is approximately equal to the number of those who oppose it. Therefore, you'll have to enlighten positions of both sides. Mind that your paper should refer to real crimes as well as their consequences and be based on reliable sources of information. Try to make your contribution to solving such a painful problem that concerns, without exaggeration, any person on our planet as no one is protected against the possibility of becoming a next victim.

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