How To Publish My Undergraduate Dissertation: Advice From An Expert

Writing a thorough research paper demands every ounce of courage, diligence and streamlined thought-process. You need to fully understand what the topic demands and take a sequential path from there to succeed.

  • The easy way out
  • When you carve out your undergraduate dissertation, there is every chance of passing the buck or handling certain sections rather loosely. You may feel that a certain Methodology is not feasible and so choose a rather tame one.

  • Strength to strength
  • Here is where your perseverance and labor should show out. You need to culture a refined Methodology and also create a stern defense for the routes you did not take. Your conclusion should attempt to liberate and your whole paper should go from strength to strength.

  • Factoring out points
  • You need to factor out the seminal points whose assimilation makes your paper assertive and authoritative. For this, you need to find, gather and synthesize perspectives of people who hold distinction in context with the topic. This will go far in concretizing your dissertation in the main.

  • Preparation counts
  • Prepare extensively for a curt and crisp presentation. This is where you come across your instructor and also people from leading journals that habitually make an appearance. Prepare effective slides with bold fonts and clear words and non-distracting backgrounds.

  • A strong defense
  • Come to the point directly and gradually move from the broader perspective to the narrower one. Also, make a list of significant points in your paper and give special imposition to them while you present your paper. Once you are through, be prepared to answer questions. This is where your defense comes to the fore.

  • Follow the procedure
  • If you pass with flying colors, there is every chance of your paper getting published. If not, then you should send your paper to leading journals with a cute and pertinent synopsis. It helps if your topic is eye-catching and strategic.

  • Be in good books
  • Be in good books of your instructor. He has enormous experience in this field and can give you litmus ideas on how to get your paper published. He may also refer it to the relevant people for publication.

  • Proofread well
  • You cannot take the risk of furnishing a half-checked dissertation for publication. You should weed out the excesses and even the inadequate sections. Give every thought to preparing a unified and redoubtable paper. Your prayers will be answered; baked by your resolution.

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