Coming Up With Fresh Dissertation Topics On Risk Management

Risk management is common subject studied in depth in business and finance. It’s often the focus of many dissertations towards an MBA, so it’s essential for students working in this area to come up with some original topics. Here are some great ideas to use for your graduate project or from which to draw inspiration for your coming up with your own:

  1. Analyze the ways in which companies and organizations develop risk management policies as a means to prevent large scale financial disasters and wide-scale employee problems. What has been successful and what has failed?
  2. Provide an in-depth case study evaluating risk management theories and information technology security. Consider recent breaches to security in major companies through malicious “hacks” and what companies are doing to prevent further breaches.
  3. Discuss the common principles applied to the effective risk management documents and policies. Are more companies following similar guidelines and are these guidelines becoming standard in most industries?
  4. Compare and contrast hotel risk management across the major companies around the world. Select two specific cases of competing hotels in the same area to support your evaluation and state where one is more successful than the other.
  5. The concept of international specifications of accounting is nothing new but the evolution of said specifications has created many differences of varying degrees around the globe. With international business becoming increasing homogenous should there be an international institution set up to create standards?
  6. What is the current process for determining risk management in companies moving towards commerce in mobile-platforms? What security concerns for customers’ financial information exist that need to be addressed?
  7. There is a lot of concern for patient safety when it comes to risk management in the health field. What are the biggest threats in today’s world of technological acts and the possibilities and patient information could be breached putting them at risk of misdiagnosis?
  8. Describe and define the Marris’ Risk Management Perception Research and analyze its subjective approach towards determining the probability of specific accidents occurring and the preventative measures companies should take to prevent disaster.

These are just a few topic ideas you can use for your own dissertation project. Remember that you can always come up with a great topic by keeping note of what interests you the most or what areas you would like to explore with in-depth research. The more enthusiastic you are with your chosen topic, the more it will come through in your writing of the final dissertation.

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