List Of 15 Interesting Dissertation Topics On Humanitarian Law

The legal system is different things to different people depending on their position in society. Many people have been victimize by it rather than helped and there have been several cases over the past few centuries where laws have been created and upheld that undermined human rights. As a law student in the study of humanitarianism, it is a good idea to keep this in mind as you select a topic for your dissertation.

To help you in your selection, also consider the following:

There are topical issues that need exploration

Two of the most obvious ones that come to mind are the Syrian refugee crisis and the call for decriminalization of all drugs worldwide. Because these were not a problem for previous generations (or not considered as such) you may be able to be the first to analyze them in a particular way.

How all the factors connect

There are issues that may not appear to be related on the surface but are once you dig more deeply. Bear these in mind so that your analysis can be more complete

The availability of research should also guide you. Based on these things you may compile a list of interesting topics similar to the following.

  1. Human Rights in the Case of Syrian Refuges in Europe
  2. Does the right to protest endanger the rights of bystanders in the event of riots?
  3. Is rehabilitation the true aim of incarceration?
  4. Should there be a time limit for bringing war criminals to court?
  5. Is there enough reason to restrict prisoners from participating in elections?
  6. Have the governments of developed countries often ignored the rights of citizens of developing nations?
  7. Is the death penalty ever the more humane option?
  8. Is there a need for the expansion of humanitarian law to include the rights of Killer Whales and other animals of similar intelligence?
  9. How does the right to free speech infringe in other inalienable rights?
  10. Does mandatory military service infringe on the rights of a country’s citizens?
  11. Has adequate effort been put into removing obstacles to achievement for members of communities that have been historically undermined?
  12. Are planetary rights being considered in relation to their effect on the maintenance of human communities?
  13. Drafting legislation for the elimination of ageism in countries with aging populations
  14. Making a case for the widespread decriminalization of commercial sex work
  15. Is the denial of reparations to the descendants of slaves illegal?
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