A List Of Unusual Fashion Dissertation Topic Ideas To Write About

The field of fashion is diverse, global, and quite entertaining. It includes everything from athletic socks to couture ball gown. It will make for a great dissertation topic. You will need our tips and suggestions since the field is so very large.

Unusual Fashion Dissertation Topic Ideas that are Unusual

  • Pick a country-pick a country and focus on the innovators and houses from that country who are well known for their clothing and design
  • The founders-look at the founders in the field of high couture
  • The Killing of Versace-the man and the house
  • Racism in the industry-it has made the headlines of late, why does it exist, and who has been quality of racism
  • American designers such as Tory Burch, Michael Kors, or Ralph Lauren
  • Those who design the Olympics uniforms
  • Fashion is other worlds-pick a country and focus on either modern or traditional attire in that country
  • Hats and Great Britain-who are the best haberdashers and why
  • How Kate Middleton changed he clothing of the monarchy
  • Fashion trend which simply won’t go away, styles that just keep re-appearing through the years
  • Fashion and feminism-what this means to the women breaking the glass ceiling and fighting for equality
  • Burning bras-the political and the fashion aspects
  • Hemlines-the ups and the downs of hemlines through the years
  • Shoes-from flats to stilettos, the journey of shoes
  • Sports uniforms and the business that has become a money maker
  • To panty hose or not-how this legwear is coming back into style
  • Socks and how they became a million dollar industry
  • Pocketbooks and the master makers
  • The little back dress and how it became a staple of every woman’s closet

Now Begin to Write

This subject can be a ton of fun. You can survey your finds, study what you see at the stores, explore the different trade magazines, talk to experts, look at the different pictures and depictions from past years, and even explore your closet.

Make sure to keep the tone of the piece formal, include your in-text citations, and have a reference sheet. You will still need a topic sentence, an outline, and a rough draft. If you stick to the field that most interests you, then the project will seem less like work. Make sure once the final draft is complete, that you proof and edit carefully. Try not to make any new errors on the final draft.

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