12 Most Interesting Dissertation Topics In English Literature

A dissertation is one of the most critical academic assignments you will complete in your career. Most of the times, you will write these papers after much review and analysis because your advanced level degree depends upon it. Each institute will have its own criteria for the project like the length, subject type, format, style guide, structure and other things. Usually the basic structure of these papers stay the same but teacher may want you to include or remove a certain section from the assignment.

To be able to create a strong dissertation in English literature, the first thing you need is a list of instructions from your university. This is important because you will only qualify for the degree or have your paper approved if your paper matches the standards given by the professor. The most time consuming part for students in writing these projects is topic selection. It takes them more than weeks to come up with a strong title that is unique and engaging. Most of the ideas you think of will already be published and you will feel disappointed. The best method is to go through gradual steps in order to come up with a final topic that is original as well as interesting for your audience. You should start by narrowing down the subject and finding a subject area to address. Once you have this you should use eliciting to get more specific details for addressing. Brainstorming will trigger fresh ideas if you have a focus and find a peaceful environment.

Ideas for a dissertation in English literature

To help you with your topic, here are some ideas to consider in English literature, you can edit and alter them based on your preferences

  1. The role of modern writers in changing the trends of classical writing
  2. What does the work of Shakespeare show about his political and cultural settings
  3. Why is tragedy an important element in the work of the mid 19th century?
  4. The role of women and gender roles through the eyes of literature in 18th century
  5. Slavery and its perceptions
  6. The impact of world war on artists and art
  7. Postmodern writers
  8. Marxism and literature
  9. Literary exhibition in early 20th century
  10. Literature in 21st century
  11. Is literature dying
  12. Culture and religion through arts and literature
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