How To Come Up With Excellent Thesis Topics Effortlessly: Basic Tips

Do you have to write a thesis for your university degree? Are you struggling to come up with a list of ideas to choose from? Well, we’ve got the answer! Check out these great tips about how to some up with excellent thesis topics with ease.

  • Do lots of reading
  • Before you can even begin to generate ideas for subjects for your thesis, you need to have a fantastic understanding of the general subject you’re covering. So, start by reading as much as you can about your field. Search for articles on the Internet, scour your textbooks, and borrow academic journals form the library. Don’t stop until your knowledge of your field is as broad as possible. Once you’ve done this, you can start coming up with a few brilliant topics.

  • Brainstorm
  • Now that you have an excellent understanding of your field of study, you need to start brainstorming ideas. Find a good spot to work uninterrupted, and choose a time of day when you’re alert, but relaxed. This will stimulate your creativity. A good way to brainstorm is to make use of cue cards. Write down as many key areas of your subject on cue cards as possible, and then start rearranging them. Eventually, you’ll come up with some really exciting combinations. Write down all of these great ideas, and you can trim the list later.

  • Characteristics of great thesis topics
  • Now that you have a long list of potential subjects, you need to pare it down a bit. You can do this by eliminating any themes that don’t fit the following characteristics:

    • The potential topics must interest you
    • It’s important that all the potential themes interest you, or you’ll find it extremely hard to do a great job on your thesis.

    • The potential topics must be novel
    • In most fields of study, novelty is exceptionally highly regarded. You don’t really want to rehash an old idea in your thesis, so try to avoid themes that have been used in the past.

    • The potential topics must be researchable
    • If you’re going to write a fantastic thesis about the subject matter, you must be able to research it, so make sure that each potential theme is properly researchable.

  • Run them past your supervisor
  • Once you have a short list of topics, you should run it past your supervisor to check that he or she thinks the potential themes are appropriate.

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