The Top 25 Occupational Psychology Dissertation Writing Ideas

Most doctoral candidates will tell you that the hardest part of writing a dissertation is coming up with the topic idea. Whatever your field of study, the topic of your dissertation is probably the most important decision you’ll make while a post-graduate student.

For those in the field of occupational psychology, we’ve put together a list of the top 25 ideas for a dissertation topic. Feel free to look through them for inspiration:

  • Examining the efficacy of psychological coping profiles for agents in a call center
  • Analysis of the relationship between academic performance of MBA program students and cognitive tests
  • Investigating the relationship between employee burnout and work engagement levels among employee in the pharmaceutical distribution industry
  • Examining the role of spirituality in coping mechanisms of traffic officers
  • Construction and analysis of an emotional intelligence model as a determinant factor of organizational climate
  • Analysis of the relationship between organizational citizenship behavior and transformational leadership
  • Evaluation of an assessment framework’s validity in measuring the organizational effectiveness of a metropolitan municipality
  • Analysis of the importance of trust relationships in organizational effectiveness
  • Development and evaluation of implementing a coaching program to improve safety performance
  • Investigating the role of generational and motivational preferences for recognition and reward in management firms
  • Analysis of the psychodynamics of the work-family interface among managerial-level female employees in the public sector
  • Evaluation of observational factors predicting the success of chartered accountants in the final qualifying examination
  • Evaluation of staff satisfaction and employee retention through assessment of employability attributes and career adaptability
  • Evaluation of the relationship between emotional intelligence and a sense of coherence in stress reduction among managerial staff
  • Evaluation of job satisfaction as an indication of affirmative action success at the managerial level
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of coping strategies on relieving stress in professional occupations
  • Investigating the relationships between team building and satisfactory employee performance
  • Examination of intercultural perceptions and their role in the promotion of minority managers in a textile organization
  • Analysis of personality factor identification as a predictor of success among MBA students
  • Analysis of the validation of interest testing and the field-environment-duty occupational classification system
  • Evaluation of the relationship between personality types and cognitive styles
  • Analysis of personality types as a predictor of success in team dynamics and member role assignments
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of an instructor-led, self-managed computer software training course
  • Investigating the relationships between career anchors, occupational types and job satisfaction of midcareer employees as a factor in retention
  • Analysis of level of trainer competency and psychological optimality in workforce productivity levels
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