In Search Of A History Dissertation Prospectus Example

It's a very old adage but a true one that tells us that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If you are setting out to create a prospectus in the hope that you will be allowed to write a dissertation, finding examples of successful work by other students is a pretty good place to start. Imitate that which you admire. Why was their prospectus successful? How did they structure their prospectus? How did the prospectus relate to the dissertation? By studying winning efforts you gain knowledge and expertise in creating your own.

Where can you find them?

Your educational institution is probably the best place to start. If there is any longevity to your college then there will be in the college library a significant number of dissertations and with them the prospectus which was created for them. Look for the type of comments attached to the prospectus. Learn from these comments. Pick up the points which have won praise from the examiners. Why was this particular prospectus so successful? Use those principles in your own writing. There is a great deal of advice on this topic online and here is another website.

You will already know that the key to writing a successful dissertation is to write a successful prospectus. In fact if you are very good at writing a prospectus you will already have done a significant amount of work when you come to write the actual dissertation. The key is to be able to explain the question you will answer in the dissertation. So the prospectus is obviously much shorter than the actual dissertation but it gets to the nub of the issue and does so quickly.

You can also find many examples of a successful prospectus. Educational institutions which are proud of all the work of their students will often place a successful thesis or dissertation and the prospectus online. This is a gold mine for anyone seeking advice on how to write a prospectus.

While it can be helpful to look at many a prospectus from a general point of view, because you have chosen to write on the topic of history and obviously a specific time and event in history, then the key to your success is looking for an example of a prospectus which covers a similar type of ground to that you wish to pursue.

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