All You Need To Know About Formatting Dissertation Proposal Headings

The heading of your dissertation, or any article or essay for that matter, indicates how well the student has grasped the formatting requirements. If you want to impress your PhD guide with your heading, you need to format it properly.

  • Follow your university guidelines
  • Keep in mind that each university has different sets of rules in regards to formatting doctoral research papers. Therefore, you should first check your university website to find specific guidelines about how to format the entire paper, including but not limited to the heading part. You may also consult a style manual recognized and approved by your university.

  • Use a good word processor
  • A word processor that comes with any of those top operating systems can be very helpful in formatting your heading and other parts of the essay. You can find online spelling checking, line spacing and formatting options quite easily. If you do not know how to use a standard word processor, you may take up a crash course in basic computing to learn that.

  • How to format the heading?
  • Always start with a major division at the top of a fresh page. First, align the headings to the centre. The different sections of your essay, such as the ‘Table of Contents’, ‘Outcomes’ and ‘Appendix’ should appear as headings, should be centrally aligned. Remember if you give title to one chapter, you should assign titles to all the chapters. You need to keep all the titles at the same length. Use uppercase letters for all the headings.

  • Other general rules
  • Do not mix Arabic and Roman numerals while giving page numbers. Do not also use uppercase letters for writing subheadings.

  • Points to note
  • Remember the guidelines mentioned above are generic guidelines and may not match the requirements specified by your college or university. You need to consult the style guide which is recognized by your institution specifically. You should also ask your mentor about the style guide you should follow. In case you are in doubt, you may download a few samples from your college library’s e-edition.

If you are not very sure which format you need to follow, you can call or mail a professional writing agency for getting professional help. Pro writing agencies help college and university students in dissertation writing and they can easily help you in this regard. You can visit their website and download samples too.

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