List Of Unique Dissertation Topics In Special Education

Earning a PhD means you need to write a dissertation before you can graduate. If you have trouble finding an appropriate topic, you are among many other students who also struggle with this. It needs to be specific but also something that will challenge you academically to show your talents. While the topic needs to be original, you should follow the current trends that are in research within special education.

Before you start note taking and finding sources, you should use the lectures from your classes and other projects you have done to have a background of knowledge. You will also want to think about the specialized area within special education that your thesis will focus on. Topics in this industry can vary a lot, and you might consider some of these for your topics in the list below.

Topics for special education theses

  • Studies on ADHD
  • Parents’ roles in special education for their children
  • Discuss disorders on the autism spectrum
  • Choose two state’s educational policies to compare and contrast
  • Do autistic students affect the educational experiences of regular students?
  • Is inclusion of special education students more about being politically correct or is it about emphasizing their right to an education?
  • How might music or art therapy help special education students?
  • What age should children begin musical therapy to help their school and test performance?
  • Focus on India: are their methods of providing special education different or better than the methods in America?
  • Are parents more involved or less involved in their child’s special education across different states?

There are many more ideas you could use for your thesis topic; those are merely a starting place. If you brainstorm and read a lot, you could find more details about other topics. If you think about the most important issues related to special education, you can make a statement or question from those for your topic. You could even take more than one issue and see where they intersect or interact in the lives of special education students. That is a great way to explore a broader topic in your dissertation.

It can also be a good idea to talk to your advisor or your professor. They have gone through their own PhD as well as helped students before you complete theirs. Because of this, they have more experience and can give you a guideline to follow when you work.

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