Complete Instructions For Writing An APA Format Ph.D. Dissertation

While you are writing a Ph.D. dissertation, you need to follow a certain pattern for writing the research paper. There are a number of models which you can follow, like- Chicago Style, Harvard Style, and APA or American Psychological Association Style. If you are a student of humanities and social science, you will need to follow the APA style for completing your writing. Since you are writing your doctoral thesis and if you are instructed to write in APA style, you must have a good grip on the pattern. You must visit this website for getting the idea on this pattern.

How to write in APA style?

  • Select your font as Times New Roman with 12 pt. This is the accepted pattern for all works based on APA style. Writings should be double spaced.

  • The page should have a header. The page numbers should be on the top right-hand corner of the page. Write the title of your page in “running header” with spaces and punctuations intact. The title should not overlap with the page numbers. So, you should keep a small title and start writing with left alignment.

  • The four essential part of your writing is the title page, abstract of your writing, main body, and reference links.

    • In the title page, keep the title of the paper, your name and the institution you are affiliated with. Don’t forget to maintain this pattern.

    • Next come the abstract section, where you must pose the rationale behind taking up this topic for your study. It must not extend beyond one page, and allow 200-250 words for it. You should mention the keywords in italics.

    • While you are writing the main body, remember to include the reference links in the text, so that your teacher will be confirmed that you have really read the texts. Mention the reference links in the footnotes. You should superscript the number on the line, the reference of which you will refer to in the footnote.

    • The reference links shall be written in the proper APA style. You should begin by writing the first author’s surname at first, and then the year of the publication in a bracket and then the name of the book or journal. You need to mention the selective page numbers that you referred to write the text in the body.

Follow these steps while you are using APA format in your writing.

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