Inspiring Ideas For Your Dissertation On Serial Killer

Crime has many definitions and rank and most people are unanimous in the view that serial killers hold the top of the table at almost all occasions. Now writing about serial killers is no small time job. You will have to understand everything they know beginning from their own psyche to how they have made a world for themselves and even the way in which they get to stay ahead of unsuspecting victims.

The dissertation on serial killers might just be the best thing you have ever written in life. Here are some ideas that might take your work even further.

  • The unsuspecting victims and the serial-killer edge
  • Most serial killers seem to have an edge over their victims because the latter are mostly unsuspecting about the presence of any offenders near them. In fact, this is pretty much the case with every alternative victim of murder. Just that with serial killers, this just happens all the time.

  • The much hype about the pattern of killing
  • There is a pattern in the kills of most serial killers. Most serial killer movies show this as some kind of signature that the killer is trying to leave over each of his victims. This could not actually be much farther from the truth.

    The pattern is generally created after the serial killer goes about his job one after the other. This is just like practicing a stroke that they grow confident about in the course of the play.

  • Location, time and timing
  • The location is something that needs to be watched well and made sure there are many who are looking at the process well. If you are in the process of creating a separate space for the location that the killer chooses, make sure to create an additional dialogue or two that deals with this exclusively.

  • The psyche of a killer
  • Most psychologists agree that the basic problem lies in the psychology of the serial killer. There are some people who tend to be more on the defensive just because they look at it from some other angle. There are several people that get to understand and know a few things as they go about it.

In most cases, the basic thing is not revenge. They find pleasure in taking lives. You should reflect on this angle in the dissertation.

A word on serial-killer hunters would also do well in a paper on serial killers. You do not have to be too elaborate on this one though.

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