What Is A Dissertation Literature Review And How To Write It Properly?

A dissertation literature review shows your reader that you have read the topic thoroughly and have a good grasp of the published work. The format of the review varies from thesis to thesis. You can either submit the reviews online or offline.

Structure of the review: The area of research largely decides the structure of the review. Write compare and contrast opinions of various authors and learn from it that you must not do. The structure of the dissertation reviews is based on the type of controversial issues, topic areas and the questions you are dealing in as approaches and theories vary largely in this. Link different literature argues with your own focusing on your purpose. For example when you are writing similar opinions of various writers; use word similarly, in addition, again, also etc.

Some tips on writing a literature review:

  • Search content on a single issue and then compare and contrast various authors.
  • Write a segment where you compile the similar conclusions of a group of authors.
  • On the other hand, you can also criticize in writing the various aspects and methodologies.
  • Highlight the areas where authors are not in agreement with each other.
  • You should also note down and emphasize on exemplary studies.
  • If there are any loopholes in the research, highlight those gaps.
  • You can also write as in how your study is related with the study in hand.
  • You should also write the relation of your study with the literature in general.
  • Write a clear and crisp introductions that offers an outline of the review and cover primary topics in them writing most important argument first and then in the decreasing order .
  • Write a short summary at the end.
  • Acknowledge the opinions that you do not agree with.
  • Review work is an altogether separate assignment. You can write on any of the introductory sections or on the dissertation literature.
  • The review can also have the basis of your research objective or you may be motivated to write because of the thesis in hand. Remember, whatever the case is; it should serve as the platform for your future work.
  • Never write merely a description of what others have got published in their summaries. Instead critically discuss on the issue showing your awareness.
  • Always have a clear line of argument. Write clear notes and offer strong comments while writing an academic opinion.

In short, a high quality literature review identifies the controversial spots. It also focuses the topic that requires further research.

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