How To Come Up With Geography Undergraduate Dissertation Titles

To develop a good dissertation title on your chosen topic one must take the time to think about the entire project and the intended purpose that will be added to this subject. The following suggestions will help you develop an effective geography research title.

  • Research Your Region
  • When you are planning on creating and crafting your argument, it is one of the most important things that you will do as a student. Part of it is research, part is creativity, and part is writing flare. The first thing that you have to do is decide what part of the world you are going to be focusing on for your dissertation. This will allow you to decide then how you are going to pull all of the pieces together.

  • Look at Existing Topics
  • Once you have decided on a region, begin researching other published pieces that date to the same period so that you are going to see the titles that have been created that are for the same region. Next, focus on the ones that you think are going to be very catchy, and find out why they are catchy to you in the title. Is it the words; is it the topic or the sub-genre of a particular part of the geography of that region? Whatever the case may be you want to mimic one of these areas and topics and find something that you can explore but from a fresh angle.

  • Find a Different Angle
  • Once you have found an angle that you would like to pursue, create the name of your paper in a way that will be both very engaging as well as also something that would be interesting for anyone to pick up and read. Would a student who was not a geography major pick up your work and think that it would be interesting? If the answer is no, it is time to rethink your approach, while you are trying to be academic, you also want to be approachable and engaging to the readers.

  • Think of the Reader
  • Remember all those late nights in the library when you thought that you were going to go to sleep from boredom as you read on your topic? You do not want to do that to anyone else and that means that you need to find a way to write your topic and your title in a way that is going to want to make outside readers pick up your dissertation. Readers and the professors alike will thank you for a fresh approach to something that would be boring otherwise.

Using existing research, coupled with your arguments will lead you to an effective geography title for your work.

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