Inventing Good Dissertation Title Ideas On Construction Management

This short guide introduces you to suggestions on how to invent above-average dissertation title ideas on construction management (or any other engineering subjects). The guide briefly expands on the concept of ‘invention’ and a misconception. It reminds college students on what is meant by dissertation and finishes with the purpose and function of its title.

  • Invention
  • The obvious and most widely understood explanation of ‘invention’ is that you are basically discovering and creating something new but inherently unique and original. Thinking in terms of the subject or theme of construction management you have a draft idea to expand on further when researching an effective title for your paper.

  • The misconception
  • Where academic writing is concerned, in terms of the above explanation and in context with this guide, the term is misused and misunderstood. Students and scholars, bereft of requisite skills and unethical in their practice, have simply invented illogical and irrelevant titles indicative of a lack of productive research work.

  • The dissertation
  • By this stage of their academic careers, final year college students should know the full meaning and purpose of this academic sub-genre. To avoid any confusion among some undergraduate and high school students, note that ‘dissertation’ and ‘thesis’ are both the same thing. The final thesis paper can also be termed as a research project, and this should remind undergraduates of the importance of research work in their studies. It also forms part of the faculty’s final assessment before awarding the student the degree.

  • Title – purpose and function
  • Effectively, the title’s main purpose and function is to attract the attention of the reader. It should also be directly related to the rest of the paper and give a contextual indication to the reader of what this body of work will include. In line with academic conventions and practices, the best titles are only invented after extensive research and first, written, or typed drafts have been completed. Added to this, to enhance its effectiveness as a title, it is sometimes paraphrased from a previous text that is also listed in the bibliography.

In this short article, you were given clues on how to go about creating good title ideas for a thesis on construction management. If you have already begun putting some of these notes into practice, you will have seen how effective the process of the invention can be.

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