Helpful Hints On Writing A Dissertation Proposal On Corporate Governance

Thesis proposals are your first step to success on the road of post graduate diplomas. They need to be as interesting and authentic as the project itself. Below are tips on how to write a proposal on corporate governance.

  • The Title: This is where you pose the question you plan to work on. Make sure it is not a yes or no question, for those are predictable as well as dull. It should be clear and simple, yet intriguing. For instance, if it’s about the relationship between corporate governance policies and company performance it should not be entitled “Do corporate governance principles affect the capital markets?” It’s obvious the answer is yes, you should just say it’s about so and so, instead of posing a painfully conspicuous question.

  • Introduction: This should include what the problem is and why you think it’s important enough to investigate in. What positive effects could your results have on the problem? If you’re not yet sure, then you’re not yet ready to make a proposal.

  • Realistic objectives: When depicting your goals, they need to be specific and sensible. If you do think your results will be the ground-breaking milestone that will change millions of business men’s lives for the better, you should not make it sound like they will be.

  • Procedure: You should briefly but descriptively write about your methodology as well as the tools you plan on using to achieve your aims. This should include the data sampling and collection as well as analysis. You may or may not include a literature review, it’s a bonus, but it’s also entirely optional.

  • Resources: Your proposal needs to include what resources you will mostly rely on. This should be written in a list.

  • Suggest a detailed timetable: It’s very smart to suggest a schedule in your proposal. It shows you have everything organized and planned. Make sure it does not overlap your university’s existing academic agenda and make sure it’s realistic and provides you enough time to work on your project.

  • Overview: You’re almost done now, all you need to do is provide a quick overview of your dissertation and plan. This should include the introduction, methodology, results, and conclusion.

  • References: Your proposal should end with a reference list. This will depict the depth of your project as well as avoid any charges of plagiarism.

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