Expert's Guide To Crafting A Strong Doctoral Thesis In International Relations

The doctoral thesis not only requires students to go out of their way, conducting research and compiling data to analyze, to hopefully come to a sound conclusion, they must also make sure that they work on a topic that is of relevance to the academic world. While, general research may not be as restrictive, there are only so many doctorates available, and society only endorses studies that are useful.

International relations is a subject of great importance, as well as concern, to many countries. For this reason, many students are encouraged to complete papers on this subject, after all, it is not uncommon for a paper written by a student, to receive world wide attention. In several short points, I will outline many helpful hints to help you craft a strong doctoral thesis on international relations:

  1. Brain storm
  2. Brain storming is quite important in education and should be included at the start of every academic venture. By brainstorming, either alone or with friends, you will create many ideas that would not have come about through normal processes. Use these ideas to help you choose a course of action that will be most beneficial to your project.

  3. Problems found in foreign interactions
  4. What are the common problems found when dealing with matters of foreign relations? This information can be acquired through various means, either by reading newspapers, or by conducting research online, via a search engine.

  5. Possible causes
  6. Now that you have identified a scenario, proceed to find possible reasons why these problems exists. You may be surprised at how simple some of the reason may be, or overwhelmed by the complexity of the situation. The trick is finding ways of making the issue simple, a feat that is often impossible for the persons involved but as a casual onlooker, the task may be simpler for you.

  7. Possible solutions
  8. Solutions come in many forms and sometimes the most effective solutions, cost the smallest to execute. This does seem to be a common problem within governments, everything costs so much, all the time. Study different cases to give you an idea of how nations tackled their problems in the past.

  9. Likely scenarios
  10. What are the most likely scenarios to take place, upon installation of a new way of doing things? It is not uncommon for proposed fixes to existing problems, to become bigger problems in themselves.

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