How To Write A Dissertation Research Methodology Section Properly

Since you started working on your dissertation, you are stressed all the time. You want to make sure that every detail is perfect, so you will not have troubles with your professor. Since there are so many things to do, it will take weeks or months before you can finish, but you are always up for a challenge. The research methodology section is a requirement that every student must fulfill, because it is considered one of the most important parts of your projects. Here is how to write it:

  • Make sure that all your sources are trustworthy. In this section you will have to explain why the results of your project are valid and how did you reach to these results. Of course, you had to gather information from different sources, and you have to prove that this information is correct. The best solution is to search for official websites when you do your research, because you can count on the information presented there.

  • Discuss about the experiment that you did. You had to prove a statement for your project, and you did it. Now it’s the time to explain what methods did you use in your experiment and how did they work. You can mention the people you talked to if you conducted an interview, or how did you build your questions. Also, what measures did you take to make sure that the results of your experiment are not altered in any way?

  • Make sure that everyone can understand the measurement method that you used. As you know, these can be different from country to country, so you will have to adapt them if necessary. You can also talk about the way you organized the information that you collected and how you filtered it to choose the trustworthy one.

  • Present your protocol. When you make an experiment, you have to follow a protocol to be sure that everything goes smoothly. Well, you will be required to present this protocol in this section and to make sure that it is approved by your supervisor. If you did not follow the rules all the time, you should admit this. If your professor will discover a mistake later, he will think that you tried to modify the results of the experiment. It’s better to be organized and explicit and to write down every single detail.
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