How To Write A Dissertation About The American Political System

The United States is the second largest democracy by State after India. It is also the most powerful country on earth militarily, economically and politically. However, it has a political system that is different from other systems on earth. This is why the American political system can be a good topic for your dissertation.

Historical background

If you would like to understand the political system of a country, you will need to begin by understanding its history as well as the background in the creation of their current constitution. This is something that you will need to explore while writing a dissertation on the American political system because the nation is quite different from other nation and their constitution has lasted for over 2 centuries. The founding fathers of the U.S had 4 things in mind when they drafted their constitution.

  • The country was coming out a bloody war for independence from Britain which it won and its goal was to come up with a political system that was quite different from the monarchial system of the Britons and all powers were to be resided with the queen or king.
  • The county was already experiencing communication challenges and had a population with varied education and background. Therefore, the intention of becoming a democracy was in order to limit the effect from the public opinion and therefore an electoral college was left to elect the president.
  • The country as created by 13 different states with each of them having different powers and tradition.
  • The 13 states had different population sizes and the smaller states were determined to avoid leaving the bigger states to make the political decisions.

The constitution

A basic document defines the US political system. The independence declaration in 1776 and their 1789 constitution are what formed the federal government’s foundations. The independence declaration is what established the country as an entirely independent political entity. The U.S constitution is the shortest in the world and contains only 7 articles as well as 7 amendments. Despite its brevity this constitution is considered to be a stable document.

One advantage of this system is that the power is well spread and there are the necessary counter-balances. With such a short and old document that is difficult to change, it is the courts that do interpretation to determine the meaning of the constitution.

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