A Complete Tutorial On How To Write A Great MBA Dissertation

Perhaps one of the most challenging and most important papers you will ever write in your life is your MBA dissertation. This is the last paper you will write before receiving your degree and it often has a large impact on your job after you have completed your program of study. For these reasons, it is critical that you write your paper well. Here is a complete tutorial to help you as you write your MBA dissertation.

Choose Your Topic

In most cases, the topic for your paper will be related to your field of study. Still, you should choose a unique topic. This can be an analytic study, an investigation, a project, a survey, or an argument, but your ideas should be original. A great place to start is by brainstorming what you would like to know about your area of study.

Know the Format of the Paper

There are several major parts to an MBA dissertation, which include:

  • Title- Your title can be a work in progress, but it should provide an overview of what your readers will expect.

  • Abstract- This is a shortened version of your entire paper. It appears before your introduction, but it may be one of the last things you write.

  • Introduction- Here, you will discuss your ideas, the questions that will be answered in your dissertation, current research on the topic, and general information.

  • Methodology- In this, you should discuss how you arrived at your conclusion, such as how data was collected and analyzed.

  • Body- The body of your work should be separated into chapters, which should be categorized according to genres, eras, or another way to make your findings clear to readers.

  • Conclusion- This is where you will summarize your findings and prove your knowledge to the reader.

  • Bibliography- This is where you provide information about your sources. Format this according to your product specifications.

Composing the Dissertation

Once you have chosen an appropriate topic and understand what must be included in your paper, it is time to write it. You should begin with an outline to organize your thoughts. Once they are organized, compose your rough draft. Revise this before producing a final product that you can be proud of.

Submit for Approval

The final thing that you must do is submit your MBA dissertation for approval. Remember not to be discouraged if it is not accepted at first. This just means that you need to make some changes and try again.

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