Coming Up With Strong Dissertation Ideas About Disabilities

Many suggestions for strong dissertation ideas about disabilities will depend on your field of study but essentially most of the ideas that you will find here can be adapted to the perspectives that are appropriate for most social and medical sciences as well as law and education.

Remember that the topic of disabilities can be very emotive. The whole area of disability will cover aspects that range from congenital disabilities to those caused by injury through active service as part of the armed forces; it can also range from the after effect of disease or illness to seen and unseen disabilities.

Some ideas you may like to think about.

  1. Current affairs. Look at is what is current in the news. Are there issues that the government are trying to address?

  2. State benefits. Is there cause for concern that state benefits/care package funding are being cut? How does this effect the individual?

  3. Mainstream schooling. Does mainstream education go far enough to provide an equal education for children with disabilities (seen and unseen disabilities)?

  4. Criteria for Autism. Recently there have been a few changes in the way that Autism (especially high functioning Autism) is diagnosed and supported.

  5. Autism diagnosis. Does this have an impact on the quality of support that is offered to people with Autism? Does it take into consideration their needs as an individual?

  6. Disability and the Law. Do Police Officers have enough training to understand the complexity of the needs of the disabled person when dealing with them?

  7. Explore unseen disabilities. This would encompass both learning disabilities (e.g. dyslexia, dyscalulia etc.) and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

  8. Unseen disabilities. Investigate the way that people with unseen disabilities are treated. How is the situation best handled?

  9. Females and Autism. Females with Autism have a slightly different set of signs and symptoms compared to males. How does this affect the 1 in 68 statistics?

  10. Veterans with Disabilities. After discharge from the armed forces how are the veterans supported? Investigate the difficulties they experience.

  11. Educational Funding. Is there a fairer way to provide additional support in school for a child with physical disabilities? Does this differ in comparison to 3 decades ago?

  12. The Work Environment. What legislation is in place to support a person with a disability in the work place? Does this need to be updated?

  13. Diabetes and other autoimmune diseases. How has the attitude of the general population changed in its support to people with these difficulties? Or has it really changed?

  14. Shopping. What is the general attitude of sales assistants to a customer that is in a wheelchair? Does the store have a policy in place?

  15. Human disabilities and animals. At one time there was just guide dogs for the blind. There are now hearing dogs and others that help with chores. Can this be developed?

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