How To Write My Dissertation Properly: A Manual For Beginners

Writing a dissertation is one of the hardest things to do. They are long, tedious and many times, they also involve many rewrites suggested by an advisor. Writing for the first time can be a nightmare and an experience you won’t easily survive, however we have a few tips for you, which will help.

  1. Choose an area for your topic to come from
  2. Naturally, it will depend on what you are majoring in, but every major has many branches. Look into each branch and the topics it offers you. Then, choose the branch that you found the topics you liked the most from. If you’ve narrowed it to a few topics in a couple of branches, it’s also okay.

  3. Choose the topic you are most passionate about
  4. Which topic, from the ones you narrowed it down to, will you not mind spending sleepless nights for? Choose the topic, that if it were a person, you would date.

  5. Do your research
  6. Before you even begin to write down anything, do research. Read up on the views that agree with what you want to talk about and also on the ones that don’t. This gives you: perspective, possible future resources and can also help you define where you want to take your topic.

  7. Define the path you want to explore with your dissertation
  8. Dissertations aren’t just essays, they are argumentative essays in the shape of a monologue. You expose your ideas during it, experiment and shoot yourself down when you need to. Even if your hypothesis turns out to be completely wrong, it is now an area that has been explored and refuted. Even failure is success. So decide what exactly you want to know and get cracking.

  9. The most important tip of all
  10. START AHEAD OF TIME! We know that you feel confident with all the time you have to write, but seriously, there is never enough time. Don’t say, “I’ll start tomorrow”. That tomorrow has a habit of turning into a week from now, then into “ in a month” and all of a sudden you find yourself working and burning the midnight oil the day before the whole thing is due trying to write the assignment while filled with self-hatred . If, by any chance, you should finish before the dissertation is due, then that “extra” time is the time you are going to end up using to edit, reread and retype anything you need to. It’s best to turn in your absolute best work in these things.

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