Writing A Winning Law Dissertation Proposal In 2 Hours

Whilst you will struggle to write a complete dissertation in the space of just two hours, is entirely possible that you will be up to write a proposal in such time. Nevertheless, you will need to be organized in order to get the work done, as you will have a lot to do. In order to help you, the following outlines some suggestions that will help you to be as efficient as possible.

  • Establishing what your paper will be about
  • The first thing that you need to do is establish what your paper will be about. In fact, if you are ready to write a proposal, then you may well already have an idea in mind. If you do not already have an idea in mind, then you can use a variety of different brainstorming techniques to try and come up with ideas, as well as looking at other essays and articles for inspiration.

  • Deciding how you will learn more about that topic
  • You will need to decide what research methods you will use in order to learn more about the legal topic that you have chosen to discuss. For example, you may be researching various statutes or case law. Likewise, you may be interested in finding out people‚Äôs opinion about various legal matters, in which case you might need to carry out various questionnaires or surveys.

    Ultimately, it is a good idea to have some understanding of how you will learn about the topic, so as to include some details in the proposal about the methods that you will use when writing the actual work.

  • Coming up with various aims for your work
  • As well as having a topic that you wish to discuss, you should come up with various aims for your work. For example, you may come up with a variety of different questions that you want to answer, or you may have a hypothesis that you wish to analyse.

  • Deciding why your paper is important
  • Another important part of the proposal is to outline why your paper is important. Essentially, you should be trying to convince people that your work is necessary, and that it is a good idea for you to write your dissertation about whatever it is you have chosen to write about. As a result, you should decide why your paper is important, and potentially how your paper can be of use to other people.

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