Top 10 Practical Tips For Choosing A Dissertation Topic

Your dissertation topic is the grand ticket to the big league. It is the cornerstone on which you build your academic future. It is also a parameter of your capacity towards dissection and attention for details.

Therefore, you cannot take chances while choosing the dissertation topic. You should invest all instinctive and practical viewpoints into conjuring it. Here are some pointers in that direction

  1. Your authority – You should assess the segments of the subject of your choice that you are actually authoritative about. Make an earnest endeavor into choosing a topic woven in that segment.

  2. Catchiness – The topic should be catchy and impressive at first show. It is only then that the dissertation will become emulative.

  3. Relevance factor – You need to pick a topic that is largely relevant to today’s world. Do not toil into an anachronistic territory.

  4. Identification aspect – Try and create a topic which readers can naturally identify with. They should feel they are one of the respondents or victims of the condition.

  5. Personable feeling – Even if it is a dissertation, the topic should eke out a personable feeling. Only then will you be driven to go the whole hog.

  6. Scope for solution – Choose such a topic which is actually waiting for a solution for decades and is largely stagnant at the present. This will increase the readability of the dissertation.

  7. A sound Methodology – The roadmap for a resounding Methodology should be clearly directed by the topic itself. The reader should realize that the piece is bound to have a systematic Methodology.

  8. Set of theses – For this, the topic should clearly invite a synthesis of perspectives. It should be multi-layered in its texture if you will.

  9. Genuine resources – The topic should lend a feeling that the resources utilized for its assertion can only be genuine and compact.

  10. Scope for defense – The topic should hold enough grit in its ambit to allow spectacular defense of its mores. This is an instinctive feeling and you should hone it while selecting the topic.

Leading the way

When the dissertation is complete and you read it again, you start from the topic. You should get a feeling that the whole piece is a testament to the topic. In other words, the topic should be so emphatic so as to lead the way. It should not be an idle wind in the field.

Choose well in life; whether it is an official decision or academics.

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