List Of Dissertation Topics About Construction Project Management

Thinking of what good and impressive topic to write about construction project management can always be a very distressing task for most students. In actuality, not all students love to write and it is evident that writing isn’t a very interesting school project that you will want to sit on and spend more time with. Needless to say, it can be tedious as you will need to conduct thorough research, look for the appropriate outline, carefully ponder on what relevant information you will include in your essay and a lot of other factors that you need to contemplate on when it comes to creating your own writing piece about a certain topic.

What is more, admit it or not, construction project management is a very complicated subject matter to handle. This will for sure require substantial research so you can correctly, precisely and concisely convey the information and message you would like to share.

If you are still struggling about what specific topic to discuss in your writing project, you can get great ideas from the following:

  • The pros and cons of outsourcing projects
  • Understanding the role of project management soft skills in order to elevate the success rates of projects
  • Information and Communication Technology in the field of Construction Engineering and Management
  • Why is project management so intricate? What truly makes a competent project manager? An evidence-based approach.
  • Performance Management in Construction Projects
  • How to embolden health and safety cooperation within the field of construction?
  • Should “project exit strategy” be regarded as a valuable component of the philosophy of project management?
  • Contradiction analysis of construction innovation
  • An evaluation into the development as well as adoption of safety culture within the field of construction
  • Why are there are a plethora of failed projects in delivering the value sworn in the business case and what are the effective methods to combat this?
  • Theory of Constraints in Construction Projects
  • An Investigation on How Efficient Strategic Partnering is within the Construction Industry
  • Construction Supply Chain Management
  • An investigation into the impact of the present-day economic recession on the construction industry
  • Green technology application in the field of construction
  • A careful analysis of so-called activity-based costing in the European construction industry
  • What is the pivotal role of direct property within investment funds?
  • The managerial competencies of male and female managers in the field of construction
  • Exploring the significant success factors for construction industry acquisitions as well as mergers
  • The shortages of labor in construction industry and its underlying implications
  • The use of contemporary methods of construction in helping to resolve social housing deficit

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